Our student life in Australia

Our first semester in VU was a bit of challenging. Seeing new faces all around made us nervous at first. The education system was a bit of practical method of teaching, which made it a bit of competitive as we have come from traditional education system. The assessment tasks were difficult for us at first as we need to do research and need to be careful so that we wont get caught in plagiarism.

Everyday new challenges arise in classroom. Having new people, different way of teaching gives more excitement and motivates towards study. We found a great welcoming from university every lecturer gives proper guidance and share their past experience which helps us to move forward. Administration staff are so friendly and helpful.There was a problem on my COE which makes my enrollment late but administration staff gives so concern about it and solves so quickly.My course coordinator helps me alots to choose subject wisely in systematic manner which helps me to pass out the units.

As the semester passes by, we started doing our assignments that includes both individual and group assignment. While forming a group, we get to introduce to new people, know them and work as a team. We learned a lot of things from those assignment and can even use in our practical life. Education is one part of our life in Australia. Along with that there are numerous things in Australia to do. We have to balance a lot of things to live in this city which is one of the most expensive city in the world. The first and foremost thing is to find job in here which will be difficult without any references.

At the end of first semester, we had a exam on our units. Some of the exams were held in our own VU campus, while some are in LTC, Wentworthwile. It was fun and exciting going to new place to give the exams. I had never traveled by light rails as i don’t have to go, but because of exam I need to travel by it, which was a new experience for me. I still remember the first travel by light rail was memorable. The bus was overcrowded with people. I was standing with a coffee in my one hand . As I tried to take a sip of coffee, the bus moved. All the coffee dropped into my white shirt. My whole shirt was spoiled with coffee. Even with that i had to go and give my exams.

After passing first semester, we came into second semester. New units, new teachers and seeing most of the new students excites me more. This is the semester when we guys met. We had a good bonding from the start. Though we were in different groups in assignment we kept our bonding and made it stronger.


After few weeks of study we get a Easter break like a whole week.I planed to do all my due Assignment and at the same mean time i have to prepare for test examination for my unit named financial accounting but my cousin invited me to go holiday for whole week.We went campaign and had a great time.I spend my whole week on enjoyment rather than expending some time on study. After a spending a holiday i realize that i miss my study plan. At the last time i have to rush for my assignment and test Preparation. Although i finish my assignment but haven`t done well on my test so i suggest my colleague and juniors to spend break time wisely on university. We have make balance on our personal life and student life.

Test preparation

As time passes i get busy as normal on my student life. I used to work as part time in kitchen as chef to maintain my living expenses.Sometime i fell so hard to balance my work and student life.When i feel so demotivated i used to remember my goals and past achievement which highly motivate me to fight with any hard time and situation.I do have a habit of going cafe for coffee. whenever i get time or feels sad i always go cafe name The Coffee Club kogarah and spend couple of hours. My class time was in Monday, Thursday and Sunday.I love to have a class on Sunday because that day i don”t have to work and after class we go Darling Harbour near the beach for refreshment.we do share our personal life and if anyone is running through any problem every friend try to solve out it everyone takes as their problem and that the whats makes me happy and proud of my colleague.

After six weeks we came on mid of the semester after having alots assignment and test examinations. Our lecturer gives everyone feedback and idea for focusing examination. Student who haven”t done well on assignment and test gets worried for final examination but our lecturer are so great that the gives a good suggestion and motivation to us which works alot. One of greatest thing of uni is that they are providing free tutor on core subject for that every student have to fill form on administration. Students are getting benefit on study which helps us to study and save from expending extra money on tutor. I miss some classes of unit named financial accounting and management accounting and to cover it i took tutor with one of my good friend named harris who is good in accounting.Harris helps me a lot and i feel comfortable to ask any question repeatedly until i dint get without any hesitation.

Finally exam routine came after seeing it first i feel so nervous but later it gives more energy to work hard for final examination. I decrease my work and stop doing useless things even I talked to my boss for day off on exam time.I pressurize myself for Preparation on every units for exam. After working hard i feel that i am well prepared for exam that day I learn something if u want really or give 100% effort on something nothing is impossible and you can succeed. I took complete rest two days before exam and did revision before one day of exam.My first exam was introduction to marketing it was held on uni building and it is one of the my Favourite subject and taught by one of the best lecturer name evi lansier.I had done very well on my first exam which motivates me more to do best on other units.As expected I did very well on every examination.I used to get so pressurize and panic on every exam but i always control myself to stay calm and positive which always gives positive result. So i suggest my every fellow to stay calm and positive on exam time.

After finishing final examination we had a plan with my friends to go outing for refreshment and it was pre planned.After finishing exam we met outside of exam hall and decided timetable and place where we gonna meet.I came home and got rest for a while and after refreshment i got ready for outing. We decided to meet at 5 pm on circular quay from there we gonna catch ferry. We met sharp at 5 pm on circular quay and catch ferry and our journey was manly beach. It was so windy even though we decided to stay on roof top of ferry from there we can enjoy sight seen of sea and opera house which was so beautiful it took half an hour to reach manly but we enjoy journey. At manly we did a lot activities like playing volleyball on sand and swimming and had a lot chitchat .After a beautiful day we returned to our home as we get tired after swimming.That day i feel nice sleep after a long.

Before joining vu (Victoria University), I was an MIT (Melbourne Institute of Technology) undergraduate student when I cam for my education in Australia back in FEB 2017. After completing 2 semesters in MIT, I planned on joining a university because universities are better in education and other facilities & resources with a worldwide certificate valuation as well as it is ranked in 2% of the world universities. As VU was very close to MIT, it provided me with the opportunity to know about the university in person. I got full credit for the subjects which I studied in MIT as both MIT and vu had same course i.e. Bachelor of Business (Accounting).

After I joined vu it was a completely different experience for me. At first, it was very difficult for me to navigate within the university and know about all the resources but the mentors helped me a lot to know inside out of the university. As this was a fresh start for me i used to stay alone in classes. After few weeks passed, I started making friends who used to help me with my studies and assignments. All my friends were from different countries with different culture, lifestyle and upbringing which helped me to understand the world.

VU has a quality education system and the best part is that it lies in the heart of the Central Business District.  It is within walking distance of cafes, restaurants, shopping, parks and the State library, putting everything within easy reach as well as you can enjoy cultural center such as Darling Harbour and China Town. We can visit the Sydney most iconic tourist destination Opera House, Harbour Bridge located in circular Quay which is just 10 min away from vu in train. We can take the wharf ride to different famous beaches as Bondi beach, Manly Beach, Taronga Zoo, etc. These activities help to refresh my mind from all university studies, assignments during class break and after class time.

As I was working as a part-timer, it was difficult for me to manage my studies and work as I became occupied with assignments and homework. As the time passed by, I was able make an effective timetable to help me focus more in my assignments and studies. At the end of first semester, I did well in all my assignments and was ready for my first examination at vu. The examination was a very different experience as it was conducted outside the university in Wenthworth Park. I had to go by light rail which was my first time travelling in it. I did very good in my examinations and the result was also good.

The most important part about vu is that it organizes different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as o-fest, career workshops, work experience placements, peer tutoring, sports events, student cultural events, etc. The university organizes student morning tea, lunch as well as indoor games competition and others session every week which is very helpful in meeting and knowing the students and making friends. Out of all the activities at vu I prefer workshops and work experience placements because this helps us to know the corporate world. Different organizations organize workshop activities every week where they talk about the company and how to apply as well as they teach us how to face the interviews for graduate roles and jobs.

After the first semester i became very familiar with city and different routes to the relaxing and enjoying places such as Chinese Garden of Friendship, Balmoral beach, Hyde park, Royal botanic Garden, Tarongaa zoo,etc as well as many good places to eat. i used to go these destinations with my peers and friends between a class gap where we used to enjoy our lunch, work on our assignments, play games. we used to take ferry rides and adore the fresh breeze coming from the ocean. aside from city travel, we also used to plan different long route tours every month .

I had a blasting summer break because it was for almost five months. since it was a very long vacation, i planned to visit my parents and my birth place Nepal. i stayed in Nepal for two months and it was the best two months of my life as i was seeing my parents after a whole two years. after i came back from Nepal my roommates were planning to go Gold Coast so i also tagged along with them. while we were at Gold Coast we went to The Great Barrier Reef which is the world’s largest coral system located in the Coral sea. after my blasting travel experience, i resumed my work. the Gradually the summer break came to an end.

I currently am in the second year and third semester and so far it has been very interesting as i had very excellent peers, friends and staffs to support me through out my previous year. During the mid semester we got 2 weeks break for Easter and ANZAC Day. I went to visit my uncle at Minto and the hindu religious site known as Minto Temple. after i returned i had plans to go quad-biking in Newcastle with my vu friends. we went for a 4 day trip which was the best trip so far since i came to Australia. we did barbecue, visited different beaches and places and rode quad-bike. after the break it was very challenging because of all the assignments that got stacked up because of the break.

In the current context, my third semester is also coming to an end because we only have two more weeks of classes. the examination schedule has been published and i have started preparing for that. i have completed all the assignments and other university activities so i am very relaxed and working hard to get grades up.

Education is not only the thing of students like us. There are a lot of places and numbers of beaches to explore ourselves. I still remember the first time I came to Sydney, my friend took be to circular quay to see the opera house and harbor bridge along side. i used to see those things on TV or in photos and that time it was like one of my dreams come true. I had captured a lot of photos out there. And after that we roam around the city, ate Indian cuisine in the food court of Westfield in Townhall. We were done for that day, and after that we went to our respective houses. i used to live with my uncle back then at Cabramatta, which was a bit far from city.

The next morning me and my friend we went to Bondi beach, my first beach. it was a hell of an experience for me. Coming from a landlocked country and seeing seas and oceans thrilled me. The first time when i touch the seawater, i was so happy. I wanted to swim but i didnt because I had heard a lot of death news while swimming and it was my first time so i didnt have any guts to swim at that moment. After that we were hungry and then we went to KFC to eat something. And it was my first time I ate at that restaurant and it had become my favorite one for some times.

Along with travelling and education, i am actively participating in outdoor activities. i was a professional footballer in my home country and when i came here, i had got multiple offers from different clubs. I chose to play for The Brigade club- A Nepalese based club here in Sydney. The main reason was because of my uncle. It was his friend’s club and i couldn’t say no at that time. I am still playing for that club and this club is progressing a lot. we had even played interstate cup based in Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. the tour was awesome with teammates. We are going to Canberra this September and Brisbane in July for our match.Here is snap of my team.

Even after coming Australia I dint stop my religious belief .When i was in Nepal i often visit temples where i find peace. Often every Sunday I visit Hindu temples around Sydney. In my four years journey in Australia I visit Most of temples like Minto Mahaadev temple,Helensburgh temple and Krishna temple in north Sydney.Every time when I feel lonely and homesick i visit temple.Last week i visit Helensburgh Hindu temple which is one hour travelling from city which is in mid of the jungle. There is beautiful statue of lord Hanuman i took a picture with statue.I believe on every religion but i was grown with Hindu religion mentality so i follow it.

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Someone told that siblings are forced by others but friends is your choice. I believe that friends have a great value after parents with whom we can share everything. Everyone do have friends likewise i do have.Among many friends prajwal and Anish are my best friend with whom i can trust blindly .They are so helpful with any kind of help ad we help each other at any cost.Mostly if you are living apart from family than your friends play role of family.We share our feelings and go outing have a good time often not only enjoyment we also study together and for group assignment we three work together.we are bench partner too.we capture every moments of life likewise others do. last week before class i took one picture.

Subash ,prajwl,anish

As being an international student, we are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight,as many like us work in different fields like departmental stores,shops,cleaning etc. As I had keen interest in working in hospitality industry or being a chef, my working life started from there I joined a restaurant as a kitchen assistant after a lot of efforts finding a job, it was really hard in the beginning because the food was completely different from my country.Gradually with the help and support of my working colleagues specially my head chef I learnt different things inside the kitchen ,challenging myself each and every day. After few months I was promoted as a cook and later became a Chef. I worked on different kinds of cuisine including Australian Turkish and Greece. some moments of my chef life are captured.